Cameron and Team SVG arrived at Brands Hatch, which was round 8 and the final round of the Sports 200 Championship with a new engine fitted to his MCR race car. With no time to test the new engine qualifying would be the first time to run the engine so the Team double checked everything and Cameron set off with 20 minutes of qualifying time ahead of him.

The first couple of laps Cameron took it easy to make sure everything was working properly. Oil pressure, water temperature was fine brakes warmed up and tyres up to temperature so he started to put some quick times in.

At the end of the qualifying session Cameron had qualified 3rd only 0.498 of a second off pole position. This was an excellent result when you bear in mind this was also the first time he had ever driven the circuit at Brands Hatch!

Unfortunately qualifying did not go so well for Cameron’s SVG Racing Team Mate Tim Matthews, who got off to a good start but was cut up on Druids corner and spun off into the barriers. His car was recovered and returned to the Pit Lane garage where the mechanics worked late into the night to repair his car ready for the race on Sunday.

It was time to race and Cameron lined up in 3rd position on the grid with all eyes on the start lights. The start got under way and there was 30 minutes of racing ahead. He held his 3rd position throughout the race with no real set backs until his tyres started to go off. His lap times started to drop about 2 seconds a lap while he slowed down to try and cool his tyres. He did this for 4 laps while maintaining his position before putting in a final charge to end when he was spurred on by the sight of his fans from South Wales waving the Welsh Flag with Team Cameron on it. Cameron crossed the finishing line in a very well deserved 3rd position and team mate Tim encountered problems with his car due to the off during qualifying

Team SVG ended the season on a high with Cameron taking 3 Podium finish’s in his First Year of circuit racing and winning the Yokahama Tyres Rookie of the Year award and Tim Matthews winning the Derek Bell Class..

Cameron added “it has been a fantastic year, it was the first time I sat in a race car let alone drive the circuits. I had to learn a lot and quickly, but to come away with podium finishes and the knowledge I have gained it has been a tremendous experience.

Now thinking about 2016 !!!!!!!!!

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